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President Trump’s chances of reclaiming the White House in 2024 have been discussed, but few grasp how huge a win could be.

In recent months, Americans have watched Trump grow his advantage among GOP primary voters by dozens of points, pushing Republican candidates to single digits and gaining pace on Biden in even far-left swing states.

A Trump triumph in 2024 would be momentous for many reasons. It would be a startling repudiation of the Biden administration’s irresponsible actions that have fueled global violence. It would restore common sense leadership in Washington, D.C. First time since Grover Cleveland to win two non-consecutive presidential terms.


Trump’s return to the White House would change American politics, unifying the majority of the nation around one goal: making America great again.

Uniting a beleaguered Republican Party

John Adams cautioned against a two-party system, but Americans now face it. The Republican Party has always represented conservative Americans, but in recent decades, it has become an echo chamber of weakness, capitulation, and warmongering.

In 2016, President Trump ran on a Republican ticket, questioning the needless brutality of perpetual conflict in the Middle East, pounding weak candidates like Jeb Bush, and exposing the fear of many Republican officials.

Trump has fueled Americans yearning for strong, fiery leaders. After weeks of internal negotiations, House Republicans unanimously supported pro-Trump, pro-life Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., for speaker this week, demonstrating that “America First” candidates are now Washington’s most powerful force.

Johnson may be Congress’s most conservative speaker in decades. President Trump and his slow-but-steady toughness instilling in a younger, forward-thinking generation of public officials won this election for Republican voters.


Democrats desire peace and economic growth.

President Trump has dubbed inflation “a country killer,” and as prices rise and real earnings stagnate, Biden’s economic treason is hurting young Americans, many of whom lean Democrat.

Rasmussen Reports showed that at least 30% of Democrats will vote for Trump in 2024, according to RSBN. These data are merely a snapshot. As the U.S. edges closer to World War III and the southern border remains insecure, things will certainly worsen before November’s general election.


Trump’s record of promoting international peace and economic growth will undoubtedly sway more Democrats to vote for him. Trump will raise wages, lower inflation, and boost energy output. It will lower prices. Most people know this, and rising costs will push liberal voters toward Trump in 2024.

In fact, it spells big trouble for Joe Biden that he is barely tied with President Trump in left-leaning swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, according to a pro-Biden PAC, Unite the Country. In their poll, Biden and Trump are tied at 50 percent, with “double haters” (voters who don’t have positive feelings toward either candidate) supporting the 45th president by three more points.

This is a significant marker from a mainstream poll commissioned by a Biden PAC. It signals that more support will continue to bump Trump into the lead in 2024. Trump Senior Advisor Jason Miller explained on X, “Pro-Biden group straining to show Biden TIED with President Trump in PA, MI, and WI. Think about that. They know Biden is in BIG trouble in these states.”

Swinging those three states red would seal the deal on a prospective Trump victory in 2024.

The United States or the Divided States?

Most news stories today would have Americans believe that the country is deeply divided on even the most basic issues, but the truth is that most people want very simple things. They want peace. They want financial security. They want border security. They want safe cities and safe schools. They want to know that the threat of nuclear war is off the table, and they would like to pay less than an average price of $50,000 for a car.

Is the United States as divided as we have been led to believe? In 2016, the legacy media assured the country that Trump could never win the presidency. He was too divisive, they told us. In fact, on Election Eve, Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation gave Hillary Clinton a 90 percent chance of winning the presidency.

And yet, the silent majority showed up strong on Election Day and catapulted Donald Trump into the White House in a resounding rejection of Clinton’s far-left ideological platform.

It was a political thunderclap that rocked the foundations of Washington, D.C., challenging the status quo and setting a new precedent of expectations for candidates running for office. Will they put America first or not? This singular question is now the bottom line for many voters.

A recent analysis by election integrity expert Seth Keshel posited that in 2024, Trump could very likely win the general election by tens of millions of votes as Democrat voters continue to abandon Biden and split on Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

If the nation swings red in November 2024, it will be a revolutionary moment in America’s history, proclaiming to the world that the U.S. is indeed united in restoring American greatness and prosperity for future generations.

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