Judge sided with Donald Trump in the legal battle over seized items 

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Judge sided with Donald Trump in the legal battle against oversized items 

A district judge has sided with President Donald Trump’s legal team in a fiery legal battle with the FBI over items seized during the Mar-a-Lago raid.

According to a Thursday filing by Trump-appointed District Judge Eileen Cannon, President Trump is not obligated to confirm the validity of the FBI-created list of documents seized during a storm at Trump’s Florida home in August.

The filing comes after the FBI submitted a list of documents it seized on Monday. This was done at the behest of Special Master and US District Judge Raymond Derry.

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The piling of documents comes after a list was submitted that the FBI seized on Monday, according to orders from special master and US District Judge Raymond Derry.

The list also includes an additional 63 documents or photographs that have not been identified as classified and not previously reported by the bureau, according to The Epoch Times.

Trump’s legal team objected because, the outlet reported, Derry attempted to respond to President Trump’s list by certifying its accuracy. A special master’s order maintaining that it included an affidavit from Trump.

Trump’s response is needed to conduct a review process of the seized materials, the federal government said on behalf of Deary.

Thursday’s court order said:

“Defendant objects to the pretrial inventory objection requirement, the court’s order appointing a special master [ECF No. 91] and the seized materials [ECF No. 123-1 p. 1]. Defendant, for its part, moves to adopt the planning requirement, expressing its opinion that such an objection is necessary to initiate the review process [ECF No. 121 p. 3].”

Cannon, who was on behalf of Trump’s legal team, reasoned that “there is no separate requirement for the plaintiff at this stage, prior to any review of the seized materials, to file a final objection as to the accuracy of the defendant’s inventory, its description, or its contents.” Cannon also added that the court’s special master order “did not consider that obligation.”

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Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity, Trump said, “They took a lot, I think they took my will. I found out yesterday. I said, ‘Where?’ I think they accepted my wish. [It] could cause a lot of problems.

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