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JUDAH FRIEDMAN: Trump Was The Best Foreign Policy President Of Our Lifetime, And He Would Be Again

JUDAH FRIEDMAN: Trump Was The Best Foreign Policy President Of Our Lifetime, And He Would Be Again

Editor’s note: Big Tent Ideas consistently strives to offer opposing viewpoints on the current hot topics. The columnist Judah Friedman argues that given his record on foreign policy, former President Donald Trump would make the best commander-in-chief in the piece below.

Ron DeSantis has the ability to be president in terms of foreign policy, according to Alexander Gray, a former Trump official who offers a counterargument.

President Trump’s accomplishments in foreign policy are simple to overlook. a number of causes. He made it appear simple, and while Democrats plainly never gave him credit, neither did the Deep State Republican cabal in the Senate.

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The first is obvious—the media rarely, if at all, covered them. Although names need not be mentioned, at least three of their last names begin with the letter “M.”

A brief collection of his “never worth mentioning” accomplishments is provided below.

Remember that “Junior Varsity” squad known as ISIS that Bush’s disastrous foreign policy error and Obama’s purposeful incompetence and submission to the Muslim world unleashed upon us? Recall how they were spreading utter fear across much of Europe and the Middle East?

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ISIS was defeated within the first year of President Trump’s administration because he allowed generals do what generals do. He experienced all of this while being examined and compelled to take an IQ test.

Remember the time he dropped the Bomb in Afghanistan, which made Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson hysterical? Throughout the following three years, we didn’t hear much from Syria, did we? Who could ever forget Little Rocket Man,

who was destined to lead the Koreans into a certain conflict? North Korea seemed to have an itch every seven years, and both parties would take care of it. not Donald Trump. Trump cannot be made to produce his tax returns freely, therefore extorting money from him is equivalent to that. That will not take place.

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The elites of both parties also said that this would result in pandemonium, from our withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Agreement to the relocation of the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Of course it didn’t, though. Several nations subsequently did the same and continue to do it today. And of course, the Abraham Accords, his greatest accomplishment.

Many laughed when he promised peace in that area. Naturally, it’s far from ideal and it never will be as long as Iran continues to be Iran. Is there any reason to disbelieve him when he claims to mediate peace between Russia and Ukraine within 24 hours?

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Throughout his four years, Russia didn’t invade any countries. It’s fascinating how people just seldom forget Crimea. Then, of course, there was China, the tariffs, and the erroneous forecasts of a catastrophic collapse of the global market.

How could he use tariffs as a weapon? President Trump did exactly that, and it was successful. China did not declare war on Taiwan. They were neither a global menace nor Putin’s sugar daddy. NAFTA was nearly forgotten. The list continues. Well, how about making our NATO allies pay?

Since I was born in 1976, there has never been a president with a better record on international affairs. The visionary that is and was President Trump. He understood that the Europe we once knew no longer existed for a variety of reasons, the most important of which was mass migration. He was aware that the old Middle East would become the new Europe because,

without sounding cliché, that is where the money and the creativity are. For everyone who claims it’s blood money, if that were the deciding factor, we wouldn’t be doing business with anyone.

Last but not least, President Trump has experience dealing with horrible dictators that neither Republicans nor Democrats have ever had. His experience in business taught him that these tyrants needed to be treated with the appearance of respect, even if it was only for show. He was aware that addressing them as his friend or pal would neutralize them.

The establishment, the left, and the media have always taken him literally and continue to do so. Nonetheless, those cruel tyrants were able to interpret hidden meanings, and for four years there was peace and little carnage in our country. Anyone honestly believe that Trump would have evacuated US from Kabul in the same manner as Biden did?

There was no purpose in bringing up Ron DeSantis or any other similarities, to be completely honest. He is a fantastic governor, yes. Yet he has no background in foreign affairs. Why should we anticipate anything different from him?

Has he ever traveled outside of Israel? We know who did it correctly and who did it differently. So, maybe just one word of advise for 2028: learn about the rest of the world, not just Disney World.

The World According to Ben Stein podcast, which airs live every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 10 PM ET, is co-hosted and produced by Judah Friedman. about Rumble. He sees himself as Ben Stein’s Boswell and writes conservative commentary.

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