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Joe Biden calls Donald Trump a “handsome guy” as the picture of Trump goes viral.

On Friday, as Donald Trump’s picture went viral, President Joe Biden took a shot at his predecessor by making a joke about how he looks.

Biden said, “Handsome guy, wonderful guy,” when reporters asked him about Trump’s picture, which had been released earlier that day.

Trump looks angry and his hair is all messed up in the picture. It has been shared a lot on social media, and some people have said it looks like mugshots of famous crooks.

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Biden’s comment was probably meant to be a joke about Trump, but it also brought up the fact that the former president has been in trouble with the law. Trump is being charged with a number of crimes, including treason and plot, for his alleged role in trying to change the results of the 2020 election in Georgia.

Some people have taken Biden’s comment as a sign that he doesn’t care about Trump’s legal problems. Some people thought it was a way for Biden to avoid talking about Trump’s legal position.

No matter what Biden meant by his comment, Trump and his fans will see it as an insult. It is also likely to make political differences in the US even worse.


Biden’s comment about how Trump looks is a great example of political fun. It’s a way for Biden to poke fun at Obama without hitting him directly.

Biden’s comment is more than just a joke, though. It’s a warning of Trump’s court problems and how weak his hold on power is getting.

Trump is being charged with a number of crimes, and his own party is putting more and more pressure on him to step down. Biden’s comment is a way for him to show the public that he is sure Trump will finally have to answer for what he has done.

Biden’s comment is also a way for him to speak to the people who support him. Biden’s backers are likely to like that he is not afraid to take on Trump, even if it is in a funny way.

Overall, Biden’s comment is a smart and successful piece of political speech. It’s a way for Biden to make fun of his boss, remind people of Trump’s legal problems, and appeal to his base.

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