In the wake of Danchenko’s verdict, Trump condemned the ‘disrespectful judicial system’

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In the wake of Danchenko’s verdict, Trump condemned the ‘disrespectful judicial system’

Donald Trump dropped a truth bomb with the apt headline on Truth Social, ripping the justice system for failing to give it a “fair shake.” To John Durham, special counsel in the trial of Igor Danchenko.

With Denchenko’s verdict, the disgraceful justice system is once again on full display. “Durham doesn’t get a fair shake in the quagmire of biased and biased judges, where you are told that no Republican-based or supported case can be won no matter how good and that judges are so biased, unfair, and angry that it is literally dangerous to be in court! Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Danchenko was a key player in providing information on the debunked dossier from Christopher Steele. He also used his investigation into Russian collusion allegations that the FBI brought against President Trump in 2016.

Danchenko was acquitted on Tuesday of four counts of lying to the FBI. The judicial system was criticized by many for its perceived duality.

Trump said that “I’ve been told by a lot of people that the Durham case was a great one, but the chances of him winning in that court are slim to none.” Sorry Justice Roberts, but true! Danchenko’s acquittal came as a surprise and surprise to some.

Especially after Durham dropped a bombshell filing in September about Danchenko’s alleged connections to the FBI. Initially, Danchenko faces five counts of lying to the FBI. Breitbart drops a charge every October. He was acquitted of the remaining four charges this week.

“A very sad outcome for our justice system, but so much has been revealed — much more than anyone thought possible,” Trump commented on Truth Social earlier this week.

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