In a rare moment of goodwill, Trump expressed concern for President Joe Biden after he fell off his bicycle: ‘I hope he’s ok’

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In a rare moment of goodwill, Trump expressed concern for President Joe Biden after he fell off his bicycle: ‘I hope he’s ok’

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  • Joe Donaltram expresses concern.
  • In a rare moment of goodwill, Trump said he hoped the president would be fine after the “terrible” feel.
  • Trump’s kind moment came in a speech that was largely critical of his successor.

President Donald Tom and current President Joe Biden is a rare moment of goodwill between the two political rivals, Joe Donaltram has expressed sympathy.

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Speaking on his American Freedom Tour Donald Trump in Memphis, Tennessee on Saturday, Joe Biden spoke about the subject of falling off a bicycle.

“I hope he recovers because you know he fell off his bike today.”

“No, I’m serious. I hope he’s OK. He fell off a bicycle,” Donald Trump said after the crowd responded with a laugh.

President Donald Trump mentions Biden’s bicycle fall “We do hope that Biden is okay because that was a hard fall.”

After saying this, Donald Trump brought a sense of humor into him, and then he jokingly said to everyone, “I promise you today: I will never ride a bicycle again.”

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“But no, we hope Biden is okay because he was a hard fall, he was scary. He was tough. Did anyone see it? Well, we wish him well in that regard.”

Although the issue ended in a very brief one, the brief moment of Trump’s concern for Biden came in the midst of a major critical speech by his successor.

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On his American Freedom Tour in Memphis, Tennessee on Saturday After briefly concluding the discussion on Biden’s fall from the bike Trump immediately began criticizing Biden’s foreign policy,

In particular, his views on Russian President Vladimir Putin and the US withdrawal from Afghanistan last year.

However, it is seen that Donald Trump has his own truth social on Saturday night.

He was seen sharing a fake video of Biden falling off his bicycle from his account to ridicule the fall of Biden.

The video shows Trump hitting Biden in the head with a golf ball and Joe Biden falling off his bicycle.

The 79-year-old president, Joe Biden, arrived at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware on Saturday morning Fell off his bike on his way home,
Even then he got up very quickly before anyone understood and said that he was fine.

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But when he got up after the incident, Biden was found slightly injured.

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