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Newborn Baby Care After Birth

Newborn Baby Care
Newborn Baby Care

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Newborn baby care, Here are some tips for you. This post is written to help those who have become mothers and fathers for the first time in their lives or have given birth to a child again.

 It is very important for you to know how to sleep with this new baby, how to breastfeed, what to do when crying, etc. For those who are first-time parents of a newborn, this post will help build confidence in childcare.

The card should usually be checked for bleeding for the first two hours and every hour thereafter. Keeping an eye on the pulsing stump, it should be kept dry and clean until the cord is compressed, dried and Eventually falls. It usually occurs in 5 to 15 days in the newborn.

It is not advisable to bathe in the tub until the navel stump of the newborn falls off, as it can cause cracks in the newborn’s stamp and accumulate moisture.

The newborn sponge bath should be kept cool and clean at all times.

And a soft gauze and water should be used to keep the newborn’s cord stump clean, as well as collects other things to clean it gently.

The stump can never be cut quickly if it looks like the stump has dried or is hanging like a thread. This is because if it is removed early, bleeding may start and the source of infection will be loosened.

How to take care of newborn baby sleep?

newborn baby sleeping
newborn baby sleeping

You need to know how much sleep a newborn should get. Newborns typically get an average of eight to nine hours of sleep a night and eight hours a night. It usually won’t be for the same period.

Newborn babies also have very small stomachs so they need to get up every three hours. They need to be fed milk.

But when the newborn is four months old, he will sleep through the night. Then you will understand that if you want to take care of your newborn baby, you have to feed your newborn baby at night.

You should have a cage , basin, or another separate sleeping area next to the bed. This greatly reduces the risk of child death.

In addition to the risk of death, keeping your baby close to you will make it easier to feed him, comfort him when he cries, and so on. This is why it is so important to have your baby next to the bed.

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Use swaddles, sleeping bags, and pajamas to keep your baby warm at night.

Do not place any coil near the baby when taking the newborn to sleep as it will make it difficult for the baby to breathe with the smoke from the coil.

Also do not make the baby extra soft mattress for sleeping. This can cause the baby to sink under the bed, which increases the risk of suffocation.

Newborns need to be especially careful when using blankets for sleeping. Use the blanket as little as possible and keep the extra blanket covered with a blanket up to the chest as it can cause shortness of breath if it rises above the head, especially for sleeping at night. It is better not to use extra blankets.

If you want to know more about sleep deprivation, you can follow this “ post “ .

How to feed a newborn baby?

feed a newborn baby
feed a newborn baby

At 2 to 4 days of age, breastfeed the newborn for two to three hours in a row, or according to the baby’s needs.

If your newborn sleeps more than four or five hours in the first two weeks, you can pick up and breastfeed.

If your newborn is more than a month old, eat every four hours in a row and eat a little more now than before.

How do you change your newborn baby diapers?

newborn baby diapers
newborn baby diapers

Changing a newborn’s diaper requires that you have everything you need.

To change a newborn’s diaper, the baby must first lie down on something parallel. Such as a bed or table etc. Then take off the dirty diaper, but do not remove the dirty diaper at all.

Fold the front of the next diaper. So that you can insert your baby’s diaper area. Now clean the diaper area with a damp cloth, wipe from front to back, and folds of skin. Now gently lift your newborn baby’s feet up and place them next to the dirty diapers. Now clean your newborn’s diaper area and gently apply the diaper.

After putting on the diaper, make sure that your baby is able to hold 2 fingers so that it is not too tight.

If your baby is a boy, gently push your baby’s penis towards the feet. This will help prevent leakage during childbirth. Now throw away the old driver, put the baby in nice clothes and you wash your hands for your protection.

How many times a day do you need to change diapers for your newborn baby?

 The number of times your baby needs to change diapers depends on how much your baby is breastfeeding.

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If the newborn baby drinks more breast milk, he will have more bowel movements and will need to change diapers more. And if he eats less, his defecation will be less so he will need less driver change.

Also, if you notice a bad odor in your baby’s diaper, you can change it as soon as possible.

If you want to make sure that the diaper is wet, you can put your hand on it. If you feel damp, you will understand that the diaper is wet.

If the newborn urinates in his sleep, the diaper does not need to be changed immediately if it gets wet. This will disturb the sleep of the newborn baby. That’s why you can change later without changing immediately. This will allow the baby to sleep fully.



Lastly, I would like to say that it is your duty to take care of your newborn baby in any way, so if you face any problem, consult a doctor immediately without delay and never neglect this.

Why do babies sleep a lot after birth?

Babies usually sleep most of the time after birth. Because after birth, the newborn baby’s stomach is small. That’s why when they drink a little bit of mother’s milk, her stomach gets full and she can sleep more because her stomach is full. There are many other reasons why children sleep more.

Why do they take blood out of your heel?

Blood is drawn from the ankles of babies after birth. Because it tests different blood samples with blood. Moreover, blood samples were sent to the laboratory of BC Children’s Hospital for testing.

Does having a baby change your face?

When the baby is born, the appearance of the baby’s mother changes a bit. It is usually caused by hormones. Some women may have black spots on their faces. Also, changes in skin and hair are felt.

What kind of care does your baby get right after birth?

Immediately after birth, the baby has to provide many kinds of services. For example, make sure that the baby is breathing. Helping the baby to breathe if he has trouble breathing. Clears mucus from your baby’s nose and mouth. Pulse block and cut. And keeping the baby warm and so on.

What should you not do with a newborn?

All the mistakes we make with the newborn. Which should not be done. It is seen that the newborn baby is not fed as per the demand. There is a mistake in feeding Rmula or breast milk. Fever less or excessive reaction. Etc.


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