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How to Make Sexual Life Happy in 2022 |

Healthy Married Sexual Happy life tips in 2022

How to Make Sexual Life Happy

In every married life they want their sexual life to be happy. But due to some mistakes, they can’t enjoy their sexual life in a beautiful way. So yes, today we will discuss how you can make your sexual life beautiful in your new year.

As the new year begins, we need to manage our lives in a new way. We need to find out which work has gone bad and which has gone well in the past.

We need to find out which jobs have gone bad and which have gone well in the past. It is better not to do the things that have been bad in the past in the new year. And in the new year to evaluate the things that have been good.

In long-term marital life, sex is usually seen to be gradually becoming annoying. But it is never right.

It is to change because of his mind thinking consciousness. This makes it easier to understand what will make your spouse happy or unhappy. And if you do, your spouse will suffer or be bad.


Creating healthy sex life with the partner

If you want to have or maintain a good sex life with your partner, then both of them need to try at the same time, then sex life will be beautiful.

We have to sacrifice each other. If one commits a crime the other has to forgive it. Angry quarrels in a relationship ruin the relationship. That is why trying to understand each other. Realizing each other’s pain and making endless efforts to keep each other happy.

Life partner can also be made happy through small gifts every day. For example, on the way home from the market, give flowers to your spouse. If you want, give many beautiful love cards as gifts. Sometimes going to eat at a restaurant or going for a walk somewhere. Giving time to each other etc.

If you want, you can give a beautiful book of love to your life partner.

The right plan to go somewhere in the new year

Should plan to go somewhere in the new year. It keeps the mind very fresh. If the financial situation is not very good, then you should come back from somewhere near low cost. And if the financial situation is good, then you should come back from somewhere far away.

This makes the relationship with the life partner stronger. Living in a bus for a long time is boring. That’s why when you go somewhere, your mind feels very light. There is not much time spent with your spouse for the busyness of work.

That is why when you go out somewhere you are not busy with work, then you can spend a lot of good time with your spouse in silence. The two have a very good mind and the sexual relationship is also good.

That’s why giving a little time to two people who are going for a walk somewhere when they go to a new place, the love increases even more.


Talking about each other’s feelings in married life

Openly discuss what you expect from each other in marriage. What you want to do with it. Talk openly about what he wants to do with you.

If you have any sexual desire, share it with her, it will remove the shame. And sex will be sweeter in your married life. But yes, when it comes to physical contact, talk openly with my life partner.

Because everyone’s mind is not always the same. If he does not want to have sex. Then you can try to create a good physical relationship in his mind.

Make love to your life partner. But do not show falsehood through love. There will be damage later. Prolonging the relationship through love will deepen the sexual relationship. That way, you can be happy with the physical relationship.

Understanding your partner’s mind about sex

If you want to make married life happy, it is very important to keep sex life happy. Because sex cannot be happy in their married life is not happy.

If you have sex, in the same way, every day, the attraction will gradually decrease. That’s why before having sex, caress your partner a lot and intensify his sexual desire. Because if your partner does not have a strong desire to have sex, then sex is not much sweeter.

Thinking about novelty in sex life

Change the method of sexual intercourse from time to time. But yes, never have anal sex. This will harm your spouse. In addition, many disease germs will enter you.

Therefore, the right way to find a new way to have sex in a healthy way. If you want to have sex, You can share with your patina the new method of sexual intercourse. Or your partner may share with you a new method of sexual intercourse. This will make your sex life much happier. 

Questions & Answers

How to increase each other’s sexual desire in married life?

You need to know the state of mind of your partner or wife before increasing sexual desire. If he is in a bad mood, try to make him feel better. Then slowly talk about sex and caress her first and slowly move towards sex.

How many times a week should you have sex in married life?

How many times a week you should have sex is not a determining factor. Because you should have sex based on your body. If your body is fully prepared for sex, you can do it many times a week, but if your body does not have the desire to have sex, then make the desire at least once a week.

Sexual desire is completely personal. If there is a lot of work pressure, there is no desire for sexual intercourse at night. Relax yourself for this. Then there will be no difficulty in sexual intercourse in married life.

How long should sexual intercourse be?

The average therapists’ responses defined the ranges of intercourse activity times: “adequate,” from three to seven minutes; “desirable,” from seven to 13 minutes; “too short” from one to two minutes; and “too long” from 10 to 30 minutes.

Sexual Happy life tips
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