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How Many Miles Of Border Wall did Trump build?

How many miles of wall did Trump build?

Trump has said that he will build a “big, beautiful wall” all the way to the border with Mexico. But how many miles of wall did he build?

The answer changes depending on how you count it.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says that 458 miles of border wall were built or rebuilt by the Trump administration. But they only built 80 miles of that wall where there wasn’t one before. The rest was fixing or making new walls over walls that were already there.

There are people who believe that Trump’s new walls should not be thrown away because they are often better than the old ones. The new wall is generally bigger and made of stronger materials in this case.

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Some people say that the new barriers aren’t really new walls since they don’t make the border wall longer.

In the end, the people will decide how many miles of new wall Trump built.

CBP says that 458 miles of border wall were built or fixed up by the Trump administration. This is a list of those miles:

47 miles of new main wall, 33 miles of new secondary wall, 351 miles of new main wall, and 22 miles of new secondary wall.

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Remember that the Trump administration has a bigger picture of what a “border wall” means than most people. Different types of barriers, such as fences, roadblocks, and bollards, are used by Trump’s government to talk about a “border wall.”

The Biden administration has stopped building the border wall, but it’s not clear if they will also fix the wall that’s already there.

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