How Jared Kushner kept Donald Trump happy

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How Jared Kushner kept Donald Trump happy. Jared Kushner Had a ‘Mathematical Formula’ For Keeping Father-in-Law Donald Trump Happy.

Donald Trump’s White House walked the eggshell, everyone trying to find a way to keep the ever-arrogant president happy and in doing so maintain their power in the administration.

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the New York Times published Wednesday episode of – based on an upcoming book by Peter Baker and Susan Glaser entitled “The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021” – we take a good look at how Trump’s son Jared Kushner did. -Go to the father-in-law and occasionally, the closest advisor, to comfort the boss.

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Working with family members may seem easy, but in reality, it is not so easy, especially when it comes to the White House family.

Jared Kushner learned this when he became a senior adviser to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, during his four years in the Oval Office. Kushner pleases his occasional temperament relatives keep, there was a way to keep, and there was still something to be done for the Trump administration.

Baker writes for the Times :

“Mr. Kushner devised his own strategy to run Mr. Trump. One key, he told others, was to give good news to the president, even though it was in short supply. In fact, Mr. Kushner came up with a definite mathematical formula. Strange Brand: Two to One. Any phone call, any meeting should include this good-bad-bad news ratio. He would provide twice as much enthusiastic information as serious updates. “It simply came to our notice then that the traditional polls have missed out on a lot of Trump voters,” he said.

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So one of the president’s top advisers, as a matter of practice, fed him too much pink news and inflated vote numbers – all to please Trump.

This, of course, is not very surprising. The way to stay in Trump’s best favor – or, at least, to avoid being thrown out of his inner circle – is to keep him happy.

Kushner, who survived, figured out exactly how to do it, which ensured he held the president’s ear.

Again, not surprising. And you might as well be tempted to roll your eyes and publish it in the history books – yet another example of how Trump’s worst instincts were enabled by those close to him as a way to retain power and influence.

Other than that, well, Trump didn’t work on the national stage. Every sign – including what he says publicly – signals him to run again

And if you think Trump will be campaigning for the White House again and Kushner will not be involved, please let me introduce you to Trump’s race for the last six years.

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A Trump 2024 bid will probably have Kushner (and Ivanka) at its heart. Which makes his predecessor – and future – former president even more problematic.

The Point: Telling someone what they want to hear – especially when you know it’s a) not true or b) a wild exaggeration – isn’t great under any circumstances. Doing it when that person is the president of the United States (or a future candidate for that office) is downright dangerous.


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