‘Get ready’: Trump is all but guaranteeing he’ll run in 2024

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‘Get ready’: Trump is all but guaranteeing he’ll run in 2024

Trump made waves Thursday night in Iowa. He teased a possible 2024 presidential bid, firing up the crowd and giving hope to disillusioned Americans. They hope that their beloved president will once again wrest the reins of political leadership from the far-left Democrats.

Trump, the 45th president, said, “And now, to make our country successful, and safe, and glorious, I will very, very, very, probably do it again, OK? “Very, very, very, very,” he quipped. did, stepping away from the mic as the crowd roared in support.

This isn’t his first major 2024 presidential run, but Trump has been tight-lipped about his intentions for 2024. During an earlier All Americans rally in Robstown, Texas, Trump said he would “probably do it again,” about running for president.

Trump has been dropping one hint after another that he’s leaning toward a wife in 2024. Which is going to create anticipation as to when he will officially announce his decision.

Trump’s speech was given in Sioux City, Iowa. There he talks a lot including saying “Get ready – that’s what I’m telling you. Too soon,” he concluded. “Get ready.”

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