‘Fuming’ Trump is badgering friends about how the Jan. 6 hearings are ‘playing out’ for him: CNN News

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‘Fuming’ Trump is badgering friends about how the Jan. 6 hearings are ‘playing out’ for him: CNN

CNN’s “New Day” correspondent Christine Holmes reports that Donald Trump has been “outraged” by a television hearing conducted by the House Select Committee of Inquiry into the Jan. 6 uprising and is bargaining with friends and colleagues about how he is coming.

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Speaking with host John Berman across them, Holmes also said that Trump’s inner circle is concerned that he is obsessing over the hearings when they would prefer that he focus on the upcoming midterm elections.

“Trump is always watching, we are told, riveted, according to new CNN reporting,” host Berman began. “Trump was particularly angry after hearing his former staffers and White House counsel.”

“What have you learned?” asks Holmes about this. When asked, he replied,
“We’ve heard he’s always following these hearings and that’s much to the chagrin of those around him who would hope that he would focus on the November midterms.”

“But behind closed doors, he always talks about this hearing, asking the people around him how they feel they are playing,” he continued.

“In his speeches and rallies he rants about committees, attacks them; his social media page is an endless rant, basically just attacking committee leaders and even talking about more obscure committee members and they give interviews on cable news.”

“So obviously there’s a lot of focus on that. One of his biggest gripes is that none of these witnesses are being cross-examined and he feels he has no one to defend him, especially after yesterday’s hearing,” he added.

“He’s not the only one paying attention. We’ve also heard from a source close to Roger Stone, who told us that Stone is watching these hearings very carefully because he believes, quoting, ‘the committee is trying to put him in danger.’

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“And, remember,” he elaborated, “Stone and Trump were thick as thieves at one point.

He was one of her closest friends, they talked almost every day. But we are told by this source that it is not the same. As of January 6, the two are still in touch, but it’s not regular contact.”

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