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FACT-CHECK: Donald Trump Just Sold Mar-A-Lago?

Donald Trump, a former president, allegedly sold his Florida club, Mar-a-Lago, according to a recent social media post. A screenshot from a Zillow listing that stated the house had sold for $422 million was included in the widely circulated article.

Yet, the assertion is untrue. Since then, Zillow has taken down the listing and verified that Mar-a-Lago has not changed hands. The Trump Organization has also refuted the accusation, stating that the former president still owns the property.

The Express, a site infamous for spreading false and misleading information, appears to be the source of the bogus allegation regarding Mar-a-Lago. According to the Express article, Mar-a-Lago had been sold to an unidentified buyer, although

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The erroneous assertion regarding Mar-a-Lago is merely the most recent instance of misleading information being shared about President Trump. Many untrue allegations on Trump’s finances, his health, and his business dealings have been made in recent months. It’s critical to be aware of these untrue assertions and to confirm their veracity before spreading them.

If a statement about Donald Trump is made that looks implausible, it probably is. Before sharing the information, do some investigation to verify it. Information can be verified using fact-checking websites like Snopes and PolitiFact. To inquire about specific claims, you can also get in touch with the Trump Organization directly.

It’s crucial to evaluate the information you find online, especially when it concerns politicians. You may contribute to the dissemination of factual information and the fight against disinformation by conducting your own research and checking the facts.

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