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Donald Trump Wins in Oregon

Donald Trump, a former president, has unexpectedly won an election in Oregon. For a position on the Hubbard Rural Fire Protection District board, Trump was one of five write-in candidates. He tied with four other candidates for second place with two votes. A roll of the dice was used to break the tie, and Trump won.

The Election

The voting day was May 16, 2023. The Hubbard Rural Fire Protection District had only 1,000 registered voters, therefore there wasn’t a lot of turnout. The outcome was still noteworthy, though, as Trump’s victory indicates that some voters still find him appealing.

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The Tiebreaker

Trump and four other candidates were tied with two votes apiece after the results were tabulated. A roll of the dice was used to break the tie. A representative from each of the five contenders participated in the meeting and each participant rolled a 12-sided die.

Trump was declared the winner after his representative rolled the highest possible roll of 12, a 12.

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The Implications

Trump’s victory in Oregon is not likely to have any significant repercussions. Trump is unable to serve on the board of the Hubbard Rural Fire Protection District because he neither lives nor owns property in the small, rural district.

Trump’s victory nonetheless shows that he continues to be popular with some voters, and it may help him advance his political aspirations.


Trump’s victory in Oregon has drawn a variety of responses. Others have expressed indignation and anxiety, while others have expressed astonishment and pleasure. Trump’s victory has been interpreted by some as a reflection of the deep differences in American society,

while others have countered that it is merely a reflection of the fact that Trump continues to have support from some voters.

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump Wins in Oregon

  • Sharon L Stanley

    “Some voters”!!???? PRESIDENT Trump is going to be re-elected in 2024. MAGA. Go Trump. You have my vote.

  • Donald Trump is best President ever an kept his word from day one ! Bring forward the corruption in washington DC an drain the swamp an America if anything believes he told the truth !


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