Donald Trump wins again as judge overturns Alexander Vindman case

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Donald Trump wins again as judge overturns Alexander Vindman case

Trump scored another legal victory as a federal judge moved to dismiss a lawsuit brought by retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman against Trump administration officials.

Lindman, a former National Security Council aide who helped President Trump’s 2019 political witch hunt, suffered a major setback after U.S. District Court Judge James Bosberg dismissed his case in a 29-page opinion last week. Politico reported.

The outlet said, “Vindman alleges he was humiliated by Trump officials and is suing them for violating his civil rights after testifying to Congress about Trump’s phone calls with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.” “Vindman’s lawsuit named several Trump allies, including President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. And Rudy Giuliani, former Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino, and former Deputy White House Communications Director Julia Hahn,” noted Politico.



Judge Bosberg dismissed the case despite Vindman’s complaint. Vindman’s complaint fails to prove that the defendants “conspired against him to intimidate and unlawfully retaliate.”

Plaintiff’s affidavits demonstrate that the defendants have mounted a vigorous, vitriolic and at times delusional attack on her. The ruling states that because Vindman does not sufficiently allege a violation of the 1871 Act, the court will grant the defendant’s motion to dismiss.”

The Hill reported that Trump’s first impeachment was due to Vindman’s emergence into the spotlight in 2019 after testifying about President Trump’s phone calls with the president of Ukraine, of which Trump was later acquitted.

Vindman’s lawsuit claims she has been the target of “a dangerous campaign of witness intimidation by President Trump and a group of conspirators” to prevent her from testifying, the outlet added. At the time, Vindman served as director of European affairs at the National Security Council (NSC) when he raised concerns about the conversation between the two leaders.

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According to The Hill, Vindman’s attorney, Christy Parker, expressed disappointment with the ruling, saying, “While we are disappointed in the court’s decision and considering next steps, we have no doubt that it is Lt. Colonel Vindman was right. Seeks accountability in court for the concerted campaign of intimidation and retaliation against him because he honored his oath as a public servant.”

The Hill said, “We are pleased that the court accepted our arguments that even the allegations made by Alex Vindman do not violate his civil rights. Harsh political criticism is still allowed in America.”

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