Donald Trump unveils ‘National Greatness  Agenda’ for 2024 

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Donald Trump unveils ‘National Greatness  Agenda’ for 2024 

Former President Donald Trump has outlined his plans for a third presidential term. Trump announced his 2024 bid this week and has since unveiled details of his “national greatness agenda.”

Former President Donald Trump has stated that his campaign will be driven by the interests of the American people. The American people said, “This will be our campaign because you are the only force to defeat the rampant corruption we are fighting.”

“The national greatness agenda will combat the disastrous radical policies of the Democrat Party and restore the spirit of our nation that has withered under Joe Biden,” he told RSBN. Trump called it “the face of left-wing failure and Washington corruption.”

 Trump said that “he will once again make it a priority to bring the supply chain and manufacturing back to the United States as we have been doing so strongly during the Trump administration”. We will systematically restore wealth, health, and success to the American middle class, the president added.

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President Trump has vowed to “restore and secure America’s borders.” As illegal immigration continues to plague the country while the Biden administration is away, Trump took the issue to the fore, saying “It is illegal to allow illegal aliens into our country. We have begun the process of safely removing foreign criminals

will do Why is there no alternative? “We will stop the flow of deadly narcotics and horrific human trafficking, both of which have never happened to us before,” he added.

Trump said, “When I was in the White House, our schools will stop pushing critical race theories as they do. Radical..gender madness or if they do, they will lose all federal funding, but we will let them stop. And I will finally be the president to fix education in America.”

The 45th president reiterated his commitment to parental rights, vowing to fight “gender insanity” and protect women’s sports.


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If Trump is elected the 47th president, Trump has promised to lift the Biden administration’s oppressive Covid-19 vaccine mandate on the military. And said, “We will rescind every Biden covid mandate and reinstate every patriot fired from our military, with an apology and full back pay.”

Reiterating his commitment not to drag the country into pointless wars, he said, “To protect our people from the unimaginable threat of nuclear weapons and hypersonic missiles, the United States must develop a sophisticated, next-generation missile defense shield.”

Trump has vowed to clean up “the rotten corruption festering in Washington DC” by pushing for a constitutional amendment for term limits.

Trump will demand immediate voter ID, same-day voting, and paper-only ballots, addressing election integrity issues to eliminate fraud and fraud.

Addressing election integrity issues, Trump will “immediately demand voter ID, same-day voting, and paper-only ballots” to eliminate fraud and fraud.

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