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SEC expands investigation into Donald Trump’s Truth Social

SEC expands investigation into Donald Trump’s Truth Social, Trump media venture faces new questions, Trump Truch social media News.

More strongly, Donald Trump’s Truth Social Media is expanding the investigation. SEC expands investigation into Donald Trump’s Truth Social. SEC full meaning U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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The SPAC’s proposed merger has given the government a little more focus on the issue. The government wants to take steps to make Donald Trump’s media public and expand its investigation into social media.

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However, the Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC) in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that securities regulators were seeking additional documents and information about the proposed merger. In particular, authorities are interested in “communicating and working diligently on potential targets other than [Trump’s company].”

DWAC shares soared in October 2021 when news broke that the special purpose acquisition company would bring Truth Social to the public market, earning more than 400% in one day. DWAC started business in September.

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According to one source, Trump has an estimated 3.25 million followers on social media.

Donaltram claims on its social media that it will focus on freedom of speech People will be able to express their thoughts through this social media. There will be no barriers. They will be able to speak freely.

But a report found that in pre-market trading last Monday, shares of DWAC fell 8.2% while SPAC said it had received another SEC subpona. Shares of DWAC fell $ 10.71, or 28.18%, to close at $ 27.30 on Tuesday.

filing , the company said of Donaltram’s social media, “digital world,”

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about a year ago the  Reporting this error on Trump’s social media, he said in his report that before launching Truth Social, Trump was in talks to make the parlor his social media home, according to a book by Michael Wolf. However, after Trump asked for both 40 percent of the company’s revenue and the parlor “will ban anyone who speaks negatively about him.”  

The parlor only objected to that last provision after the January 6 attack because of protests, but the ban was not permanent.

The ban was later lifted and Apple’s App Store reopened 

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This screening seems to be intensifying. yesterday reported

Federal Securities regulators have expanded their investigation into a planned merger between a blank check acquisition company and former President Trump’s planned social media business, known as Truth Social, according to a filing Monday morning with the SEC. Is a liaison between the empty check company called Digital World Acquisition Corporation and Trump. Of particular interest would be if the two sides discussed before the DWAC went public, which would be illegal.

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