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Trump discussed his foreign policy in depth during a recent interview with Fox News Host Mark Levin.

He expressed his displeasure over how the Biden administration handled the departure from Afghanistan poorly and how this allowed other international leaders to exploit the situation.

We were going to leave with strength and dignity, said President Trump. In the Whole Sent Podcast last week, through RSBN, he discussed the “embarrassment” of the flawed pullout and how this “emboldened” Russia and China.

He is detailing how he built great relationships with world leaders in order to present American leadership in a strong, prospering light as he promotes his new book, “Letters to Trump,” which combines a collection of letters from celebrities and world leaders.

Trump candidly described his foreign policy, stating, “The tougher they were, the better I got along with them.”

He mentioned that he was able to personally contact foreign leaders, such as Chinese President Xi Jinping, while in office. President Trump claimed that there was no chance of nuclear war while he was in office, despite the fact that his China policy included placing tariffs on imports from the country.

Talk of a nuclear war is rampant as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine intensifies, and President Trump attributes this to the United States’ inadequate leadership. We have a leader that really doesn’t understand what’s going on, he acknowledged.

He said that American politicians “speak nice when they should be harsh and talk tough when they should be kind,” which is creating major issues that could spell the downfall of our country.

President Trump said he had “fantastic deals” with China despite how far away the next election is. The goal of his reelection campaign is to put the nation back on track.

According to the American Action Forum, he secured a significant trade agreement while in office that raised American exports, reduced forced technology transfers, and provided more openness from the Chinese government.

He attributed these achievements to his capacity to forge connections with other world leaders. The Chinese president was asked to spend a weekend with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago, which helped Trump maintain Chinese tariffs and, according to Trump, “get $28 billion for our farmers.”

As he took office, the 45th president said that China had been exploiting shaky ties and was “raping” Americans with open relations. A politician was not fighting this, he added, but he was able to intervene and work with the Chinese leader to resolve the issue.

He said, “It was peace through strength. I would say that they viewed us as a strong country.”

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