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Donald Trump says, If Tell Putin, The War Will Stop

Donald Trump says, If Tell Putin, The War Will Stop

Donald Trump has reiterated his assertion that by meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he will be able to settle the conflict between Russia and Ukraine swiftly.

In an interview with the Right Side Broadcasting Network, the former US president stated once more that the Russian invasion “would never have started” if he had been in charge instead of Joe Biden.

Trump went on to say that if he were President of the United States, he could negotiate an end to the conflict “within 24 hours”—another assertion he has made recently—and that he would be able to do so.

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“It should have never ever happened, but it did happen. With that being said, it can be negotiated, I think, within 24 hours,” Trump said.

“It really has to be done from the office of the president. And you have to get both in a room, and there are things you can say to each one of them, which I won’t reveal now, which will guarantee that this war will end immediately.”

Trump called the Ukrainian conflict a “horror” and said that the total death toll is more than what is being reported.

“They’re talking about statistics that are meaningless in compared to the real figures,” Trump stated. “It’s not acceptable when they demolish such large apartment buildings and cities and claim two people died or three people were injured.

“I think the numbers are far greater. That will be revealed at a later date,” he added. “But we have to do something about it. That war has to stop, and it has to stop now, and it’s easy to do.”

For over a year, Trump has claimed that if he were still president, Russia would not have invaded Ukraine. He has noted apparent agreements he made with Putin, as well as the Russian president’s lack of respect and fear for Biden.

On social media, Trump’s statement that he might finish the conflict in 24 hours has been repeated. He also repeated the assertion during his speech at the annual gathering of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee in Salem on January 28.


My personality kept us out of war,” Trump told the crowd.

“And I told you before, [it] would have never happened with Russia. Putin would have never, ever gone in. And, even now, I could solve that in 24 hours. It’s so horrible what happened. Those cities are demolished now.”

“If I were president, the Russia-Ukraine war would never have happened, not in a million years,” Trump claimed in a video uploaded on his Truth Social Account on Wednesday.

“But even today, if I were president, I’d be able to negotiate an end to this dreadful and fast-increasing conflict within 24 hours. You must say the correct things, not the incorrect ones.”

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One thought on “Donald Trump says, If Tell Putin, The War Will Stop

  • Fred-John

    Mr. Trump.
    If you want to tackle Biden ..
    Just ask him openly why he gave orders to blow up the North Stream pipelines!! Is that an act of a friend of Europe ??? We’re sick of Biden overhere in Europe !! Best wishes from The Netherlands.


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