Donald Trump says he’s ‘doing great’ fighting DOJ

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Donald Trump says he’s ‘doing great’ fighting DOJ

Took a positive view of abuse of power and stood up to raise against it. This is what President Donald Trump said on this week’s Real American Voice.
Condemned the “continuation of the weaponization of the Justice Department and the FBI.”

“You know, if you look… you look at the Bush warehouses,” Trump said, referring to the legal battle over “classified” documents seized by the FBI at his Mar-a-Lago, Florida home.

Moreover, the warehouses are completely insecure, even if you break down one of the doors, you can easily get to where all their records are kept.

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He also said that “Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails, which illustrates a double standard about the DOJ and what it chooses to investigate”.

Bush also lost thousands of papers and documents. Her husband lost these through what happened to his wife.

You look at what happened to Obama and then talk about us. “I think we’re in the safest place,” Trump continued.

Trump’s income group asked the U.S. Supreme Court this week to intervene in the battle over the seized documents.

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The 11th Circuit’s request to vacate the stay was made by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, according to RSBN.

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“… I think this is something that needs to be stopped,” Trump told Real America’s Voice, addressing the ongoing investigation. “So, we are fighting that battle. I think we are doing very well in that battle. And I think the public agrees with us because you know better than anyone that I have more votes now than ever.”

If Trump decides to run in 2024, vote for President Trump instead of Joe Biden. As previously reported by RSBN, conducted by McLaughlin & Associates

A recent poll found that 49 percent of voters indicated they would vote for President Trump over Joe Biden. 71 percent said they would vote. Support Trump’s presidential election in 2024.

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