Donald Trump says “Democrats Now lost Wisconsin” And 2020 Election was “Big Lie” IN “Reverse”

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Donald Trump says “Democrats Now lost Wisconsin” And 2020 Election was “Big Lie” IN “Reverse”

President Donald Trump laid out his own truth about the 2020 election in a post on social media last Tuesday.

The main point he made with the post was: “Wisconsin blasts state for ‘fraud and irregularities’ in 2020 presidential election.”In his post, Trump was seen shouting, “The Democrats now lost Wisconsin!”

Trump called the Wisconsin ruling a major victory for election integrity and called on Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Voss (R) to overturn the results of the 2020 election based on evidence of widespread voter fraud.

He also said, “Speaker Robin Vose has a decision! Does Wisconsin restore the electors, hand the election to the actual winner (by a lot!) or sit back and do nothing,”.

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Last Tuesday, Donald Trump pointed to the electoral issues facing the state of Wisconsin in the 2020 election. “The fraud and irregularities were unbelievable,” Donald Trump said of the 2020 election.

The 45th president has reportedly criticized states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona for their election integrity issues.

Donald Trump argues that the evidence Republicans have obtained through multiple investigations presents “overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence” of election fraud.

But it appears the 2020 president has denied voting fraud and called Trump’s claim a “big lie” in the media.

Trump maintained, “Our 2020 presidential election really was the ‘Big Lie,’ on the contrary!”

But the current observation is that the popularity of Joe Biden is gradually decreasing and many are suggesting that they do not want to see him in the next 2024 presidential position. More people mentioned the reason for his age especially.

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