Donald Trump said the maximum punishment for drug dealers should be the death penalty

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Donald Trump said the maximum punishment for drug dealers should be the death penalty. Trump supports the death penalty to punish drug dealers

Trump said of the death penalty for drug dealers.
Generally speaking, “If you look at countries around the world, the countries that don’t have a drug problem are the ones that have very quick trials and death sentences for drug dealers”

Donald Trump pledged to be tough on crime in a speech during his first visit to the politico since leaving the White House.


During a speech at the America First Policy Institute’s first annual conference, Trump slammed Democrats for turning the country into a “village of crime, blood, and destruction.”

As a result, “our country is going to hell” was announced by the president of the law and order force.

Former President Donald Trump has attacked Democrats for being “politically correct, weak… and extremely stupid” for their crime reduction approach. In contrast, Trump has demanded, “tougher punishment” for criminals, including the death penalty for drug dealers.

But after he said this, he told the crowd that such punishment sounded too harsh, but he insisted, “If we are not tough on drug dealers, we are wasting our time.

“According to Donald Trump, countries that execute drug victims do not have a “drug problem”. Continuing, the 45th president claimed that “500 lives” would be saved for every drug dealer sentenced to death.

Additionally, Trump has detailed his plan to crack down on crime by suggesting faster prosecutions and hiring more police officers than taxes now.

Apart from the death penalty for drug dealers, he added, human traffickers and “those who kill police officers” should be given the death penalty.

“Donald Trump focused on border security during his time in the Oval Office, but the Biden administration has taken a different approach.

Gov. Abbott, R-Texas, opined, “The Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety have seized enough fentanyl to kill everyone in Texas, California, and New York.”

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At the end of his speech, President Trump hinted at a possible presidential campaign. “I ran a second time, and I did a lot better…we may have to do it again. We have to make our country stronger,” Trump said.

“Finally, let me share some of my views with you,

The first was Donald Trump’s statement that drug dealers should be given the death penalty. Even though the punishment seems very difficult, the country will move forward because of the punishment. Because many youths are getting destroyed due to drug addiction and youth society is getting destroyed.

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If there is such a strict punishment law for drug dealers, it will be seen that the tendency of drug consumption among the youth has decreased a lot and it is expected that the country and society will improve a lot.

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