Donald Trump said, ‘I’m very worried about World War III’

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Donald Trump said, ‘I’m very worried about World War III’

Donald Trump expressed his concern over the tension in foreign affairs as he met with RSBN’s Brian Glenn in Warren, Michigan. He also warned that World War III could be on the brink, he said on Saturday.

While meeting and speaking to representatives from all over the country, Trump said that “they are patriots, they love our country, they hate to see what’s happening to our country – our country has never been so low…I think it’s such a dangerous place. location; We will end up in World War III, as they are discussing and doing.”

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He’s very concerned about our country and has run the country very well, the 45th president added, adding that I’m very concerned about World War III because we’re talking about a different level of warfare than the weapons we’re talking about. ]…”

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This is not the first time that President Trump has warned that the world is teetering on the brink of global violent conflict. This is because the Biden administration is further confused by its handling of the situation in Eastern Europe.

President Trump offered to broker a deal in Russia and Ukraine earlier this week. “Both sides need it and want it.” “I’ll be in the group???” He wrote in a post shared on Truth Social.

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Following his remarks at RSBN, President Trump delivered an electrifying rally speech to thousands of excited supporters. The Biden administration offered words of leadership and clarity amid the chaos of the declining American landscape And Trump was rallying support for the ticket.

“The choice in this election is simple, if you want the decline and fall of America, vote for the far left Democrats,” Trump told the crowd.

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