Donald Trump pays tribute to slain teenager Keller Ellingson

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 Donald Trump pays tribute to slain teenager Keller Ellingson

Donald Trump paid tribute to Keller Ellingson and praised him by name, saying he was a handsome young man. He said this during Friday night’s Save America rally in Wilmington, North Carolina. Also, the reason he was killed was that he was a Republican in Hawaii.

Trump said a lunatic ran over in cold blood with a radical leftist SUV, targeting and killing an 18-year-old. “He was a radical leftist idiot,” Trump added, referring to the killer.

Keller Ellingson was killed by being run over by a car. He was an 18-year-old Republican boy. Word of his death made headlines in the conservative media this week. He was killed by Shannon Brandt.

His reason for killing him (with whom the youth’s conservative had argued about a political issue) led him to kill the youth by hitting him with his car.

“And this guy ran him down,” Trump told the crowd. “And one mainstream media network didn’t even mention this horrific crime – think about it… suppose a MAGA person threw someone the other way. It will be the biggest story you’ll ever see.”

Sam pointed to the camera and said, “This is a disgrace, you people should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Before Trump made the Wilmington remarks, Truth told National on Friday that,

“The person who did it was a deranged Democrat lunatic who was angry that Keller was a Republican. The media does not want to cover this horrific incident because of the politics involved. If it was a MAGA Republican driving that truck, that would be the biggest story of all We love, and will never forget, Keller! Sincere condolences to Keller’s family and friends.”

According to The Post Millennial, Ellingson’s killer was released on an incredible $50,000 bond.

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