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Donald Trump Issues Statement After Biden Calls Up Military Reserves

Here is the statement that Donald Trump issued after President Biden called up military reserves:

“President Biden’s decision to activate military reserve forces for deployment in Europe is a reckless escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. This is a dangerous and unnecessary step that will only serve to further strain the U.S. military and push us closer to World War III.

The ranks of our military are growing so thin that reserve troops are being forced to support Biden’s calamitous policy in Europe. This is a disgrace, and it is a clear sign that Biden is not up to the job of being commander-in-chief.

I urge Biden to reconsider this decision and to focus on bringing peace to Ukraine, not on sending more Americans to fight and die in a foreign war.”

On July 14, 2023, Trump made his statement, the day after Biden announced the call-up of up to 3,000 military reservists for deployment in Europe. In order to prevent Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, Operation Atlantic Resolve, a NATO mission, is being supported by “augmenting the armed forces,” according to Biden.

Trump’s remarks echoed those of some Republican legislators who have criticized Biden for being too fast to employ military force and for not doing enough to negotiate a diplomatic end to the war in Ukraine.

According to the Biden administration, there is no imminent fear of war with Russia, and the call-up of reserve personnel is merely a precaution. But, the choice has heightened hostilities between the US and Russia and enhanced the possibility of a miscalculation that may spark a larger confrontation.

Read the full statement:


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