Donald Trump head is exploding right now: CNN political analyst

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‘Donald Trump’s head is exploding right now: CNN political analyst, Donald Trump head exploding trump news.

Already, Donald Trump’s juniors have been saying that there was no massive fraud in the 2020 election.

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However, there are differences between the many who do not agree with this view.

So Trump there was something aboutSo a group of people who would agree with him go ahead with them.

Now let the real incident come. What is the reason why Donaltram is exploding in Tar’s head? As we know,

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after the first panel of witnesses, the committee took a break where CNN Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel explained, “Although something else is happening here. From her child to her lawyer, her campaign director. Bill Bar was a star witness. “

He quotes some key phrases that Barr used to talk about Trump and his conspiracy theories, such as: “idiotic,” “bully * t,” “bogus and stupid,” “annoying,” “complete nonsense,” and “baseless allegations.” ” At one point Bar even suggested that Trump had lost his mental capacity.

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“I thought, ‘If the boy really believes these things, he’s, you know, lost contact with him – he’s cut off from reality, if he really believes these things,'” Barr said in the video.

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