Donald Trump has laid out a long list of questions he wants Congress to ask the FBI

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Donald Trump has laid out a long list of questions he wants Congress to ask the FBI

Donald Trump has detailed several questions he wants to ask members of Congress during the work of a new subcommittee expected to investigate government agencies such as the FBI and the Justice Department.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday released a list of House members who will serve on the new panel, officially known as the “Select Subcommittee on Armaments of the Federal Government.”

Committee appointees Jim Jordan, Representative Ellis Stefanik, Representative Chip Roy, and Representative Thomas Massey are all Republicans.

Earlier this month the Republican-led House voted to establish an arms committee amid an ongoing DOJ investigation into classified documents discovered in Trump’s possession during the summer of 2022 and the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riots and indictment of the former president. playing a key role.


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In announcing his picks for the armaments panel and another subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday, McCarthy said, “The U.S. government has a responsibility to serve the American people, not go after them.”

He added that “Unfortunately, throughout the one-party rule of the Democrats in Washington, we have seen a dangerous pattern of the government using it to target political opponents while they neglect their most basic responsibilities.”

Trump has said he did nothing wrong with the classified documents and has repeatedly accused the DOJ and FBI, who in August 2022 searched the Mar-a-Lago residence and seized classified documents.

In a video posted on the Truth social account on Wednesday, Trump said the “weaponization” of law enforcement and intelligence agencies is “the greatest threat to American freedom in a generation.”

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Some of Trump’s first questions focused on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible coordination between Russia and Trump associates. The report doesn’t say Trump committed a crime, but it doesn’t exonerate him.

  Trump asked the investigative subcommittee which person involved in Mueller’s investigation was responsible for ordering “dozens and dozens of cellphones to delete all data.” That appeared to be a reference to a 2020 Justice Department Freedom of Information Act release that provided Mueller’s team with more than two dozen examples of phones being reset with forgotten passcodes.

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  Trump told reporters he wanted to ask the panel how many “fake news journalists” the US government has directly or indirectly compensated for “their role in spreading domestic disinformation.”

Among other questions on the list, Trump asked what role federal agents and “informants” played in “pressing the crowd toward the Capitol” on Jan. 6. He specifically mentioned Ray Epps, an Arizona man at the center of right-wing conspiracy theories. He is accused of encouraging Trump supporters to storm the Capitol while working for the FBI.

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Trump said the panel must conduct a “thorough review” of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants and “any misuse of classified government databases to conduct political espionage on American citizens.”

He added that the subcommittee should get a full report on any “domestic surveillance” and “radical leftism” of supporters of his MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement under the Biden and Obama administrations.


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