Donald Trump Fumes Over Fox News, ‘RINO’ Paul Ryan

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Donald Trump Fumes Over Fox News, ‘RINO’ Paul Ryan.USA News, Donald J. Trump News, Trump News, update News, Trump USA News.

A post from his own Truth Social account on Saturday addressed Fox News and Paul Ryan.

He denounced the news agency as “crippled” when the former speaker joined its board.

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Ryan has been criticized by some Republicans and Conservatives for his comments on Trump.

On Saturday, Donald Trump was seen blaming Ryan. He called Ryan a Republican because of what he saw as a news agency problem.

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He wrote from his own truth social account:

“Did anyone notice that Fox News got lame (bad!) When weak Rino Paul Ryan, who was despised as a ‘tragic loser’ in the Great State of Wisconsin, went on the Fox board,” Trump wrote from his own Truth Social account.

Donald Trump made was a request to Fox News:

A request was made to Fox News in March 2009. Fox News’ parent company, Fox Corporation, has served on the board of directors. In the post, Trump asked Fox News to remove him from office.

“Get Ryan off your board and report the news the way it should … and stop taking negative ads from perverts and others !!!” Trump wrote.

Donald Trump made some more complaints about Fox News:

Donald Trump has complained that Fox News did not raise the issue of electoral fraud with the public.

He added that the former president had long claimed without evidence that widespread voter fraud was responsible for his loss to President Joe Biden in 2020.

Trump further complained, “They will obviously not talk about the 2020 presidential election, not even a mention,” he wrote. “So our country is going to hell – the election has consequences.”

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“Paul Ryan was a kind of ‘gutless Republican.’ Ryan annoys me because he had a huge platform in the previous 4 years but he was not told anything completely because Trump incited a rebel, attacked our democracy, and destroyed reality, “Walsh tweeted.

Newsweek reached out to Ryan, Fox Information, and one of Trump’s advisers for comment.

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