Donald Trump for Secretary of State | Opinion

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Donald Trump for Secretary of State | Opinion

When Ron DeSantis announces his presidential candidacy, he should do one more thing: pledge to nominate Donald Trump as secretary of state. Here’s why.

Democrats gasp with cognitive dissonance when anyone points out that Vladimir Putin felt free to invade Russia’s neighbors throughout every 21st-century U.S. President save one: Donald Trump. It’s incredibly awkward that the “warmonger” Trump arranged the historic Abraham Accords, tamed North Korea, and embarrassed NATO members into ponying up more dollars in favor of the alliance.

Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia were all contained by Trump. He didn’t start any new wars, which is unusual among presidents today.

In conclusion, Donald Trump had the best foreign policy record since, if not Richard Nixon, then at least Ronald Reagan.

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Trump might therefore serve as America’s secretary of state—and ambassador to the rest of the world—during the following Republican administration.

That would benefit the world, the United States, and the cause of world peace. And if that weren’t enough, it would irritate the appropriate individuals.

Utilizing the power of the state to further the general good while offending the Left? That sounds like something Ron DeSantis would say or do, which he actually does very well.

And for that reason, the governor of Florida should declare his candidacy for president along with the fact that, if he wins the general election, he will nominate Donald Trump to be his secretary of state, regardless of what is stated during the primary season.

While giving Trump the freedom to do what he does best—protect American interests and maintain world peace—DeSantis would be able to do what he does best—battle and defeat the awakened deep state.


Fair or not, the deep state will never let Trump handle domestic issues without interference. He is overburdened with baggage. But on a global scale, such baggage is basically meaningless. Trump being chosen by DeSantis as the nation’s top diplomat would allow each to be used to their individual strengths.

Even if the New York grand jury decides to charge Trump, DeSantis should still act courageously and continue in this manner. Trump supporters would be quite fond of him as a result. It would send a clear message to the deep state, “F-you.” It would be the moral thing to do to promote world peace, it would mesmerize the party base, and it would support DeSantis’ image as a formidable warrior against the forces of darkness.

Such a declaration would establish an unbreakable commitment that might bring the GOP’s factions together following what may very possibly be a bloody primary fight. It will help DeSantis deal with Trump supporters who might be reluctant to lend their support. Also, it would lessen the blow to Trump’s ego and open a door for him to claim salvation through his ascent.

Trump would give it his all in the job, undoubtedly for his own benefit but also for the sake of promoting international peace.

If Trump accepted DeSantis’ offer, it would not only win over Trump’s supporters for DeSantis, but also reassure supporters who were on the fence about him by showing them that he would not be president but would instead be out-advancing his greatest foreign policy victories. Even if you still can’t tell your pals, this should persuade at least some suburban parents that supporting Republicans would be acceptable.

Unknowingly, most likely, DeSantis has already set the stage for such a risky maneuver. In response to Tucker Carlson’s recent queries to Republican presidential candidates on their views on the Ukraine War, DeSantis gave a response that, while not identical to Trump’s, aligned with Trump’s call for negotiations and against endless war. DeSantis has established a link between his and Trump’s foreign policy philosophies by making such a statement. And that stance is appropriate, just, and perhaps even politically well-liked.


And it might be the best strategy for guiding the upcoming primary season’s acrimony toward a conclusion that would be beneficial for Ron DeSantis, beneficial (enough) for Donald Trump, and beneficial for the Republican Party. Above all, a DeSantis-Trump foreign policy team committed to promoting peace through strength and opposing endless conflicts would be beneficial for both America and the rest of the globe.

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