Donald Trump endorsed Tudor Dixon for governor of Michigan

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Donald Trump endorsed Tudor Dixon for governor of Michigan.USA News, Donald Trump News.

President Donald Trump on Friday said he is endorsing “Tudor Dixon” as the Republican candidate for Michigan’s gubernatorial race.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, D-Mich., has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration for women in various businesses amid the coronavirus and lockdown.

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What Gretchen Whitmer did when she put covid patients in nursing homes will go down in history,” Dixon tweeted.

Dixon promised to keep Whitmer “accountable” in a promise to Michigan voters in the election.
The issue is personal to the self-described “granddaughter of the Whitmer nursing home victim.”

“Tudor Dixon was a conservative warrior who built an impressive career in the steel industry,” said President Donald Trump, but he said it with enthusiasm. Dixon, 45, has “something special” about him, according to the president. “
A quality that few have, Trump, added.

Trump said, “Governor Whitmer, on the other hand, is “the queen of lockdowns (except her husband), with school closures and a struggling economy hurting not only Michigan but the entire country.

By radical left Democrats, the Great State of Michigan is being destroyed as a result.” “Michigan mother of four” is ready to save him. Dixon is pro-God, pro-gun, unashamedly pro-liberty.

Unafraid to stand up for the radical left as it strives to educate children and is willing to take on the worst governor in the country.”

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Dixon entered the race Tuesday for the Republican nomination, becoming one of five candidates running.

Still, he’s likely the favorite to win given that he’s a card-carrying Trump-backed candidate Trump boasted a 132-7 record for candidates nationwide in July.

The Republican Party leader is using his seal of approval to clear the field in an America-first return to the midterm elections.

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