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Donald Trump draws attention to the border crisis: ‘Securing our roads also includes securing our borders

Donald Trump draws attention to the border crisis: ‘Securing our roads also includes securing our borders

Donald Trump delivered a knockout blow on Joe Biden’s devastating open border crisis Wednesday during a speech at the Hispanic Leadership Conference in Miami, Florida.

  “One of the worst lies of the leftist left is that Hispanic Americans want open borders,” he said, drawing boos directed at the leftist narrative.

President Trump told the crowd that if he talked about building a border wall, he would “lose the Hispanic American vote,” reflecting on his time in the White House.

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President Trump also said, “We had the best numbers along the border — we had the best numbers for Hispanic Americans that anyone has ever imagined.” He commented that two years ago America had the strongest border in history, but now I believe it is the weakest border anywhere in the world.

The president continued by noting that the Hispanic community in the United States wants a drug-free community. Trump has criticized the sheer number of illegal immigrants flooding America’s open borders, saying he believes 10 to 12 million people will arrive in the United States this year.

We have a lot of people coming and going in our country and no one knows where they’re coming from,” Trump said. “Hispanic Americans understand that there’s nothing sympathetic or violent about empowering human traffickers and child traffickers because they’re doing a lot of bad things like extortion, rape and abuse and even sell immigrants into slavery.”

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Trump delivered a keynote speech on Wednesday in which citizens were enthusiastically told in a solemn atmosphere, allowing the president to dig deep into a range of issues, from Biden’s disastrous border policy to gas and oil prices.

On the border, Trump concluded that “America’s borders are nothing to surrender to transnational gangs and murderous and criminal cartels…”

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