Donald Trump: DOJ may be targeting patriots as ‘payback’

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Donald Trump: DOJ may be targeting patriots as ‘payback’

Donald Trump on Wednesday accused the Justice Department and the FBI of what he called a politically motivated investigation to keep citizens on his side.

In Truth Social, Trump wrote that “America has some wonderful patriots, including wonderful young people, who are being harassed and targeted by the FBI.

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“Is this payoff for Liz Cheney wiped out by 40 points and the unelected committees are destroying what little credibility is left?”

In his next post, he stated that America’s radical left is the Democrats
Devastation through stock market crashes, no southern border, massive crime, military failures, and more.

In the meantime, all they want to do is to be the 45th president and I have so much respect and love for those who inspire me. We will never back down and make America great again.

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The FBI contacted dozens of Trump fans last week with warrants over Trump’s comments about the report.

Also on Tuesday the FBI surrounded him and seized his cellphone they had a warrant for his seizure and it was disclosed by My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. After breaking the news, President Trump took to Truth Social to spread the word.

The President of Truth Social has been very critical of the FBI.
The use of the FBI, he wrote, is a bombshell.

Also, the FBI incentivized and paid people in various ways to steal the 2020 presidential election from me.
He revealed that such an incident had never happened in America.

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