Donald Trump calls on big cities to solve the homeless problem

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Donald Trump calls on big cities to solve the homeless problem. What did Trump do to solve the homeless problem? Called the big cities.

President Donald Trump delivered the keynote address in Washington DC.

Which is held on Tuesday and is chaired by the America First Policy Institute, which focuses heavily on law and order in the country.

President Trump called on cities to address the country’s growing homelessness problem.

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One solution proposed would be to build high-quality tents on large piles of cheap land in the wilderness outside the city, and medical professionals on standby to treat them.

There are many who will not like to hear these words. The only way to move millions of people across our country is to help make the country safe and beautiful and clean.

For this, President Trump has asked to open up large pulses of cheap land in the wilderness outside the city and has hired professionals to provide a variety of medical, psychiatric, and rehabilitation treatments in the area.

And suggests building permanent bathrooms in such areas.
Many are saying, even claiming, that evacuating people would be terrible, but “Trump says bluntly, what’s happening right now is terrible.”

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Trump says people have to be moved because they are now in tents, but most of them don’t work in tents.

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In the same speech, the president railed against Democrat-run “war zones,” calling the Democrats’ disastrous policies fueling crime and violence across the country, as previously reported.

“If we don’t have security, we don’t have freedom, we don’t have a country,” Trump said amid rising homicide rates in multiple cities across the country, which he predicted would happen under a Joe Biden presidency.

Trump also said the number of murders across the country has risen, which he predicted would happen under a Joe Biden presidency.

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Trump referred to the border crisis as “time to get brutally tough on the dealers and smugglers and drug cartels who are stealing 200,000 American lives a year” and called for securing the southern border.

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