Donald Trump Calling Crypto ‘Dangerous’ Resurfaces After Massive NFT Sale

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Donald Trump Calling Crypto ‘Dangerous’ Resurfaces After Massive NFT Sale

In what Donald Trump called a “major announcement” on Thursday, $99 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) featuring his fictional artwork were introduced.

News of NFTs has drawn some criticism of Trump on Twitter, including several users of the social media platform last December who called the cryptocurrency “dangerous” in an interview with Trump.

But while NFTs cannot be exchanged or traded like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the tokens are still considered cryptographic assets because they are created using the same type of blockchain technology programming. In recent years, digital artwork has become one of the most popular forms of tokens as the market for NFTs has expanded greatly. 

 Images on the Trump NFT include images of the former president reimagined as a cowboy, an astronaut, a fighter pilot and a superhero in a wrestling ring.


In his video announcement of NFTs, Trump said he was “better” than former presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and also said his “digital trading card collection” can be bought with credit cards and cryptocurrency.

Trump has never been so interested in crypto. Speaking to Maria Bartiromo on Fox News last year, she indicated that she was not a fan of digital currency and even issued a warning about it.

Trump said, “I’ve never liked it [cryptocurrency], because I like to have dollars. I think the currency should be dollars. So it’s never been a big fan, but it’s getting bigger and bigger and somebody is doing something about it.” No. I know it very well. I want a currency called the dollar. I don’t want to have all these others, and it could be an explosion someday, the likes of which we’ve never seen. It’s going to be big. The technological explosion looks like a baby. I think it’s a very dangerous thing.”

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Many Twitter users have mentioned Trump since Bartiromo launched the NFT. Altcoin Daily, a cryptocurrency news and analysis outlet, posted a clip of Trump’s Fox News interview with the NFT video announcement.

Altcoin Daily captioned his tweet, “Donald Trump in 2021: Crypto is dangerous. This could be an explosion like we’ve never seen before. Donald Trump in 2022: I’m collecting my first official NFT.”

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