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Trump-appointed judge issued a ruling on the policy.Donald Trump-appointed judge has suspended mandatory vaccinations on Air Force members

Donald Trump-appointed judge has suspended mandatory vaccinations on Air Force members. Trump-appointed judge suspends enforcement of vaccine mandate on Air Force members

Trump-appointed judge issued a ruling on the policy.”Trump-appointed judge on Thursday issued a ruling on a policy requiring members of the US Air Force to receive the Covid-19 vaccine or be dismissed from military service.

President Donald Trump shared news of McFarland’s verdict on Truth Social on Sunday.

The 45th president has previously clashed with the Biden administration’s Covid-19 requirements for members of America’s military and Biden’s plan to fire any member who refuses to be vaccinated.

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Donald Trump suggested that, after the November midterms, “a Republican Congress should pass a bill to reinstate every member of the military who was cruelly and unfairly terminated by Joe Biden and his ridiculous Covid mandate.” He added, “And force the Pentagon to apologize to these patriots and make full refunds.”

Judge Matthew McFarland, a federal judge in Ohio, temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s stricter Covid-19 vaccine application for the Air Force, according to Fox News.

If you want, you can learn more about this from Fox News.

According to Air Force Times, the judge criticized the Air Force for denying medical or religious exemptions and accommodations without carefully considering each member’s request.

In this regard, McFarland stated that “Members face the same injury: the violation of their constitutional liberties by the defendants’ express policy of discrimination against religious accommodation requests.”

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“The court issues a temporary restraining order prohibiting the insurer from enforcing the vaccine order against any class member, to expire 14 days after the entry of the order,” the judge’s Thursday ruling said.

According to The Gateway Pundit, McFarland ordered the defendants in the case to file a 10-page supplemental brief by July 21 explaining why his temporary ruling should not be extended.

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Although 97 percent of Air Force members are vaccinated, the judge’s ruling could significantly affect those seeking religious or medical exemptions.

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