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Mary Trump says her uncle can feel the walls ‘closing in’ after Cipollone testifies for Jan. 6 committee: ‘Donald is terrified’

Mary Trump says her uncle can feel the walls ‘closing in’ after Cipollone testifies for Jan. 6 committee: ‘Donald is terrified’

Donald Trump’s (niece) Mary Trump said, “Her uncle is scared after former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone testified before the House Select Committee on January 6. “

On Saturday, Donald Trump appeared on MSNBC’s The Katie Fang show and said, “It’s fair to say Donald is terrified and a short statement.”

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Donald Trump said, “I think it may be the first time in his entire life that he can’t deny that even the walls can be closed. The evidence we see from this committee hearing is irresistible.”

Fang, meanwhile, noted that Trump issued a statement criticizing Cipolon’s testimony before the panel,

They argued that this could discourage future presidents from having “frank” conversations with a White House adviser.

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Speaking to MSNBC, Neil Catal, the former acting solicitor general of the United States, theorized that Trump’s restraint was a sign that he wanted to keep Cipolon by his side.

Katial spoke about Donald Trump
“When Donald Trump is scared, he’s scared, but when he’s scared, and with Cipolon, he’s really trying to give him butter,” Katial said.

Legal experts had previously told Insider Camilla Dichalus that Trump was aware of Cipolon’s firsthand account.

That he was involved in potential criminal activity could strengthen a lawsuit against him by the judiciary.

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On Friday’s show, Fulton County District Attorney Fanny Willis investigated allegations that Fang Georgia overturned the 2020 election.

And New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, asked Donald Trump about his uncle’s growing legal problems, including an investigation into his business.

“At the moment it would be almost unimaginable if he came out with all the legal and civil charges against her,” she said in a statement.

“But again, you know, you said it – he’s always skated for decades now, and

That’s the only reason I’m not confident. Optimistic, but not completely confidential.

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He added that he believes the lawsuits in Georgia and New York are “the strongest lawsuits against him.”

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