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Mental illness problem | Depression

Mental Illness
Mental illness

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Do I have a mental illness?

Basically, mental well-being depends on physical well-being.

Mental illness refers to a health condition that affects a person emotionally, physically, and behaviorally.

Physical and mental activities that are in harmony with a person’s personality can be termed as the mental health of that person.

Examples of mental illness include depression, anxiety, excessive thinking, suicidal thoughts, etc.


First of all, we have to see if our stomach is clean.

Because the root of all diseases is the stomach. Many times we are sad for our stomach is blocked, but we do not understand why we are sad?

The main part of our body is the stomach. For example, our brains do not work when we are hungry.

And when we eat food, food accumulates in the stomach. When we leave the stool, the stomach is clean.

The stomach is clean, we also feel better.


Mental illness- discuss
Mental illness- discuss

Let us discuss depression as an example of mental illness:

Depression is a very common word. Even today’s small children say, “I am depressed”.


What is depression?

When we are a little upset, we call it depression. But depression does not mean just being upset. An unexpected event makes us feel bad.

That’s normal. But when this level of feel bad becomes higher than normal, it is called depression. Examples of mental illness are interrelated.

So we first need to discuss anxiety and over-thinking, then we need to discuss depression and why depression occurs.

When we think too much about something, it turns into anxiety. And this extra anxiety is caused by depression.


How to avoid these extra worries, anxiety, and depression?

The answer is yourself.

Because, If you go to the doctor to get rid of depression, he will give you medicine.

What happened as a result?

You are mentally ill, but the doctor is treating you for a Physical illness. Okay, For a while we thought it was the right way.

So you are taking medicine and feeling relaxed. Then you fell asleep.

So what happened, the medicine helped you sleep.

Why was this medicine given?

Because through sleep you will stay away from all excessive thinking, anxiety, depression, and feel relaxed. But this is relaxed for some time.

When you wake up, you will go back to the previous problem. When you continue to take entry drug medicine for a long time, there will come a time when you will not be able to sleep at that dose.

Then you need to increase the dose of the entry drug medicine, which is very harmful to you. So no one can get you out of depression. You need to get yourself out of depression.

You have to tell yourself it was an accident, now I have to move forward. I have to move on. I have to move on. This way you can gradually get rid of mental illness.

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Why do we think of suicide?

Mental illness_suicide
Mental illness-suicide

We think of suicide when we are very, very sad for some reason or regret our mistake. It’s all over, there’s nothing left to do, nothing will happen to me, what’s the use of surviving?

At that time we kept thinking about these things. For this, we need to discuss sadly. Sadness depends on human thought. If you change your thought, the sadness will go away.


Changing thoughts means thinking positively all the time. Thoughts of suicide are mainly due to sadness and depression. So the thoughts of suicide will go away by eliminating sadness and depression.

Let me tell you a story 🙂 🙂 

A girl studies hard to get good results in her exams. But his test results are not good. So she gets very sad and at one point goes into depression.

Her father was very upset to see her in this condition. Then his father took her to the kitchen. Earlier, her father had placed three pans on the gas stove in the kitchen.

Then he put water in three pans and put some potatoes, some eggs in one and coffee in the other. He lit the stove and waited for it to be boiled.

After 20 minutes he turned off the gas and put the potatoes from the pan in a bowl and eggs in another bowl and poured coffee in a cup.

Then the daughter asked the father what he was doing?

Her father told her to touch the potatoes. When the girl grabbed the potatoes, they were very soft and began to break.

Then his father started breaking the eggs and the eggs were very hard. Her father told her to take the scent from the cup of coffee and she laughed a little at the scent. Then her father said to the girl, “Have you noticed what happened here?”

All three were in the same situation but responded differently. At first, the potatoes were very hard before going into hot water and then became very soft in hot water.

That means weakened. Second, the eggs were very soft before going into hot water and hardened after going into hot water.

Third, is the coffee which is very different from the other two.
Coffee has not changed itself after going into hot water but has changed the water. This is exactly our life. It is up to you to decide which of the three you want to be.

First of all, like a potato means when there is a problem in your life, you will break like a potato.

Second, like an egg, when there is a problem in your life, the problem will not break you but you will harden from inside like an egg.

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Thirdly, like coffee, when there is a problem in your life, you change your life without dealing with the problems.

” The essence of the story is that everything depends on your thoughts. “


mental illness problem
mental illness problem

Body and mind complete each other. So if you have a good body and mind you can stay mentally healthy.

So we have to think,

What is the permanent solution to our mental illness?

The permanent solution is food. Not only food, but also water, sunlight, wind, and sky.

If you take the right kind of food in your body, the food is medicine without any side effects. You will not need anything if you fix your food type.

Secondly, If you do not drink water properly, you will feel bad.


Thirdly, sunlight, if you are locked in a dark room, you will automatically go into depression. And if you are left to roam in the open, you will run like a horse. The last is the wind and the sky. In an environment with open skies and plenty of air, a mentally ill person will recover.

Mental illness problem solved
Mental illness problem solved



You should visit for at least seven days before taking any medication for mental illness. Your mental illness will go away automatically only if you stop doing the irregularities that are doing with your body. The health of the body is very necessary to overcome mental illness. So if the body is healthy then you will get rid of mental illness.





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What are the 5 categories of mental illness?

There are different types of mental illness. Such as mood disorders, anxiety, mental disorders, a little anger, abusing people, etc.

What is severe mental illness?

By severe mental illness, we mean that people tend to be less abnormal than normal. Some of them have unusual symptoms. There is no sense of humanity when it falls to such a stage. Fall into mental illness. Such as schizophrenia and schizophrenic disorders, and other serious forms of the disorder.

Can a mental illness be cured?

I am giving a link to know the details about this, you can find out through the link. 

What are the symptoms of being mentally ill?

These can be the symptoms of being mentally ill. As always, be sorry. And to think, confusing. The power of memory decreases. If there is excessive fear. If you get angry a little. Unusual use with friends for no reason. Sleep problems, etc. 

What is a mental breakdown?

Emotional breakdown: Occurs when he is overly anxious or he is very anxious about something. Soon he became very excited. Fear always works and it happens for various reasons.


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