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Did President Trump Just Call Out MTG and Lindsay Graham?

Former President Trump recently called out Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lindsey Graham in several posts on his Truth Social platform.

In one post, Trump criticized Greene for her recent comments about New York City, calling her “a total loser.” He also accused her of being “disloyal” to him.

In another post, Trump criticized Graham for his recent comments about pardons for January 6th rioters, calling him “a RINO” and “a total sellout.”

Trump’s posts have triggered a flood of responses from admirers and detractors alike. Trump’s decision to criticize his allies has drawn plaudits from some, while criticism from others accuses him of fostering discord within the Republican Party.

What effect Trump’s posts will have on MTG and Graham is unknown. They have, however, undoubtedly contributed to drawing attention to the deteriorating relationship between Trump and some of his loudest backers.

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The following are some of the particular remarks made by Trump regarding MTG and Graham:

About MTG: “Marjorie Taylor Greene is an absolute failure. She attacks people and tries to start fights all the time. She betrays both the Republican Party and me. I will never support her in any way.”

About Graham “Lindsey Graham is a complete sellout and RINO. He consistently says one thing while acting on another. He shouldn’t be trusted. I will never support him in any way.”

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It is important to note that these are only two of the numerous remarks Trump has recently made about Breitbart and Graham. The two have been at odds with one another for a while, and their conflict seems to be getting worse.

The future course of this conflict is yet uncertain. The Republican Party is clearly experiencing some severe divides as a result, though.

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