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Class Act: Trump Greets Officers Before Getting On Plane

Fresh recordings of President Trump introducing himself to police officers as he waits to board Trump Force One in Massachusetts are making their way around the internet.

After speaking at a GOP gathering in New Hampshire, Trump is seen in videos posted to Twitter introducing himself to hundreds of police officers.

Trump gave the officers a warm grin and a respectful salute in return.

Videos are from former President Donald Trump’s trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on June 27, 2023. The videos show Trump chatting with and taking pictures with officers from the Barnstable Police Department. He also made a pit stop to pet a police dog.

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Online, there have been conflicting responses to the footage. Trump has received both acclaim and criticism for his stances on immigration and race. Some individuals have applauded him for his backing of law enforcement.

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Trump later made a post on Truth Social thanking all law enforcement officers.

Take a look:

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Trump has always respected officers in uniform.

When his hat blew off during his presidency, he made the effort to get a Marine’s cap for himself, which caused him to go viral.

It is important to note that prior presidents other than Trump have been photographed congratulating police officers. Former President Barack Obama went to Chicago in 2017 and shook hands with law enforcement officials there.

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2019 also saw the former president of the United States, George W. Bush, travel to Dallas, Texas, where he met with injured police officers.

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