China threatens US security; Concerned detectives!

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China threatens US security; Concerned detectives! News, USA News,| US | China

US and British intelligence agencies have warned that China is a long-term threat to economic and national security in the United States.

The head of the US intelligence agency FBI and the British intelligence agency MI5 took part in the unprecedented joint press conference.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said Beijing had interfered in US politics, including the election.

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McCallum told MI5 chief that in the last three years, the Chinese carmaker has doubled its activities against it
If necessary, it will be doubled

He added that the number of investigations against the Communist Party in China has increased sevenfold since 2018

The world will see an unprecedented trade catastrophe if China takes over Taiwan due to FBI negligence.

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The FBI Gov shared a post on its website with the Chinese threat headline

The threat from China

The Counterintelligence and economic espionage efforts emanating from the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party pose a serious threat to the economic well-being and democratic values ​​of the United States.

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Dealing with this threat is the FBI’s top counterintelligence priority.

To be clear, the adversary is not the Chinese people or people of Chinese descent or tradition. This threat comes from programs and policies pursued by an authoritarian government.

The Chinese government is pursuing strategies to achieve policies that seek to influence lawmakers and public opinion in a way that is more favorable to China.

At the same time, the Chinese government seeks to become the world’s greatest superpower through predatory loans and business practices, systematic theft of intellectual property, and unscrupulous cyber intrusions.

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China’s efforts target businesses, academic institutions, researchers, lawmakers, and the general public and require a response from society as a whole. The government and the private sector need to be committed to working together to better understand and address the threat.

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