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Cheney Says, She Won’t Do Anything That “Helps” Trump

Cheney Says She Won’t Do Anything That ‘Helps’ Trump As She Weighs WH Bid.

During the CNN town hall, when asked about pardoning the people who broke the law on January 6, Trump said:

I feel like I should forgive a lot of them. I can’t say for sure about all of them because I think a few of them got out of hand. But you can see what Antifa has done to Portland when you look at them.

When you look at what Antifa has done in Minneapolis and so many other places, it’s clear that they are a bad group. Just look at what they did to Seattle and BLM. A lot of people died. I’m not trying to explain myself. But in this country, there are two ways to judge people.


Then, they did bad things to these people by persecuting them. And, yes, my answer is that, if I get in, a big part of… And what they have done to so many people is nothing. Not a thing! Then, they did something bad to these people by persecuting them.

Yes, that’s my answer. If I get in, I’ll say that, most likely, it will be a large number of them. Liz Cheney, a former Republican representative from Wyoming and one of the most vocal GOP foes of Donald Trump, is again hinting that she might run for president in 2024.

“I’m not going to help Donald Trump in any way. Cheney told NBC News reporter Lester Holt, “I’ll make a decision about what I do and what comes next later this year.” She also said she has no plans to do anything that could help Trump get back into the White House.

“When I think about where we are and what needs to be done, I don’t think as much about, like, what should I do in terms of whether I should run or not… “I care a lot more about stopping Donald Trump, no matter what,” she said.

After she lost her primary in August, Cheney said she would make a decision about what she would do in 2024 “in the coming months.”

Cheney didn’t answer the question of whether she would run for president as an Independent if she thought that doing so would hurt Trump instead of help him.

“What we’ve done in politics is make it so that we vote for dummies. So I don’t look at it through the lens of, “Is this something I should or shouldn’t do?” She said, “I look at it from the point of view of how we elect serious people, and I don’t think that electing serious people can be partisan.”

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Cheney went on to say that she was committed to helping win “good” people who were not “aligned” with Trump.

Cheney said, “We really need to make sure everyone is active, engaged, and involved, and I’ll do everything I can to support serious candidates.”


Cheney angered Republicans earlier this summer when she said, once again, that Trump is not fit to be president again.

Cheney complained on Twitter after the former president said in a town hall meeting that he was “inclined” to “pardon” many of the people guilty of crimes during the January 6 Capitol riot in 2021.

“Any candidate who says they will pardon Jan. 6 defendants is not qualified to be President,” Cheney tweeted in the months leading up to Trump’s loss in 2020.

Leo Terrell, a lawyer for civil rights, told Cheney, “You are not fit to be in Congress! So that’s why you lost by 60 points!”

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