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Biden’s Shocking Admission

In a conversation with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 23, 2023, President Joe Biden joked that he had “sold a lot of national secrets.” The audience laughed in response to this comment, but some others have taken it seriously and accused Biden of treason.

Biden made a number of other comments during the meeting with Modi that have been perceived as contentious in addition to the one about selling state secrets. He asserted, for instance, that India and the United States are “natural friends” and that they have a “shared destiny.”

Additionally, he stated that the two nations are “collaborating to create a future that is more safe and prosperous for our people as well as for the entire globe.”

Mixed responses have been given to these statements. Others have attacked Biden for having a tight relationship with India, while some have welcomed the increasing attention on the US-India relationship. The long-term effects of Biden’s remarks on the US-India relationship are still unknown.

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