Anti-Trump GOP Group’s Scathing Ad Urges Everyone To Watch Jan. 6 Hearings

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Anti-Trump GOP Group’s Scathing Ad Urges Everyone To Watch Jan. 6 Hearings.USA News, Donald Trump News.


Fox News reported that it hearing live on Thursday evening, Jan. 6 , but a conservative group called on all Americans to do the same .

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The Republican Accountability Project,  opposition to former President Donald Trump a law passed by the conservatives in reportedly sold a completely new ad to the bipartisan House investigation into the January 6, 2021 attack on the.

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Let’s not know what was said in the advertisement:

this about . “Now, the time has come to study the reality.

radical group has said that on spot TV,the combined quality of arsenic-rich arsenic online has been successful in the battlefield states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – wherever Trump and his supporters Tried to overturn,said the place, which he did wrong. As a result, he lost.

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 Sarah Longwell, executive director of the group, made it clear in a press release that “Donald Trump’s false 2020 predictions that the spark that triggered the January 6 attack was a” successful release of quality “is a clip for American fundamentalists to realize the truth.

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” We don’t know any more information about this but one thing, you can share this information with others if you want. You can share it if you want.”

the side of GOP, and against their re-election

, according to a source err  on  legislateAnd three major broadcasting networks in addition to MSNBC.

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