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Anthony Hopkins: “Trump is a dangerous clown and a threat to democracy”

With a career that spans more than 60 years, Anthony Hopkins is one of the most famous stars of his time. He has won many awards, such as two Golden Globes, four BAFTAs, and two Academy Awards. Hopkins is known for being able to play many different parts, from real people to characters from stories.

Hopkins has been very public about his political views in recent years, and he has been very critical of former US President Donald Trump. He was “afraid” of Trump and called him a “dangerous clown” in an interview in 2018.

People have different responses to what Hopkins said about Trump. Some people have praised him for coming out against Trump, while others have said he takes things too far. However, Hopkins has stood up for his right to say what he thinks about politics and said that he thinks celebrities should use their fame to speak out against unfairness.

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Hopkins said in an interview in 2020 that Trump’s actions made him “disgusted” and that he saw Trump as a “threat to democracy.” Hopkins also said he was “ashamed” to be an American while Trump was on the job.

Hopkins’s words about Trump are important because Trump is a well-known and respected person. A lot of people are likely to relate to what he said, and it may help make more people aware of how dangerous Trumpism is.

Hopkins has said many things about politics besides Trump. He has talked about climate change, social justice, and other political problems. Through his work, he has brought attention to these problems and urged people to do something about them.

Hopkins is an inspiration to many because he is brave enough to speak out about his political ideas. He shows that famous people can use their fame to make the world a better place.

Read more: Anthony Hopkins: “Trump is a dangerous clown and a threat to democracy”

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