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In 2018, President Donald Trump told a crowd in West Virginia that the Washington elite establishment was playing games with the American people. He told supporters, “You are the elite. They’re not the elite.”


Trump’s statement boldly embodied his platform as a Washington outsider, a true “Mr. Smith” who left his personal life behind to run for office with the simple goal of making America great again.

The president’s reputation as a political rebel engaged in conflict with the transnational elite and the Washington establishment has now been fully solidified five years later. The contrast between Trump’s MAGA initiatives and his Republican opponents’ flashy, but frequently empty promises is stark as he prepares for another difficult presidential election campaign in 2024.

“In 2016, I declared I am your voice,” Trump said in March. “Today, I add, I am your warrior, I am your justice, and for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution.”

Because he is uncontrollable and amazingly attuned to what Americans want, he is the political opponent that the Deep State and the superficial RINOs of the GOP fear most. Additionally, Trump is ready to keep his word.

The business is continuously losing

The Republican Party has been plagued by weak-willed, feckless leaders who made their careers by letting radical Democrat policies and media intimidation crush them for far too long. Republican leadership has largely been reduced to a political passing of the baton between the GOP and the Democrat Party, from the 41st President George Bush to the 43rd President George W. Bush.

All of that was altered when President Trump ran for office in 2016. In contrast to other Republican candidates, who preferred to play “nice” rather than launch an attack, he stood out for his honest political incorrectness and his capacity to publicly shame his opponents for their lack of backbone.

This genuine candor was a key factor in Trump’s victory for the presidency and the beginning of the most important political movement in history, which has been working to bring back American greatness and economic prosperity.

The elite establishment lost to a younger hotshot Democrat candidate, Barack Obama, when they nominated mushy politicians like the late Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., or Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah.

The GOP establishment ran “good” men before Trump who looked fine on stage but did not do much for the American people after taking government. After all, it was George W. Bush who presided over years of bloodshed and ruin in the Middle East.

Trump prevented the United States from getting involved in pointless conflicts and instead concentrated on preserving peace and safeguarding our own southern border, in contrast to Republican warmongers who have been controlled by the military-industrial complex.

Trump is a man of the people

Despite his billionaire status, President Trump has often been lauded as the “People’s President,” and his control over the “MAGA” vote in the country is a clear indication that he has the support of hardworking, blue-collar citizens.

During his Inaugural remarks in 2017, Trump boldly declared, “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. Everyone is listening to you now.”

Trump could have retired in peace and comfort, but he chose to enter the political arena instead, and as a result, he has had to put up with years of political witch hunts, an abusive FBI investigation called Crossfire Hurricane, and ongoing legal harassment in court systems with left-leaning rulings from New York to Fulton County, Georgia.

In November 2022, the president announced his 2024 reelection bid in his home at Mar-a-Lago, Florida, surrounded by friends, family, and close allies. His presidential announcement was an interesting contrast to the recent campaign launch of Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who declared his intent to challenge Trump for the presidency during a faceless Twitter Spaces meeting with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Trump has openly placed everything on the line, take it or leave it, while DeSantis has been courting Republican contributors and dodging questions about foreign policy.

Whether you like it or not, President Trump embodies American resistance because he has resolutely opposed the loudly-voiced agenda of the elites, the Deep State, and the disintegrated Republican Party.

He marks a break from traditional Republican politics, where weak-willed conservatives made all the proper noises but delivered no real substance.

Trump is a businessman who gets things done. He is a brawler who will not back down from a confrontation. Americans will have to select their combatant in 2024. Will they choose a politician who has consistently stood up to a structurally corrupt establishment or one who is fresh, exciting, and unpredictable?

“They’re not coming after me,” Trump reminded Americans recently. “They’re coming after you. I’m just standing in their way, and I always will stand in their way.”

In November 2024, Americans will make their decision, and when they do, it will be a shot heard throughout the globe.


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