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2024 intrigue: DeSantis declines to ask Trump for reelection endorsement

2024 intrigue: DeSantis declines to ask Trump for reelection endorsement. Trump News, USA Trump, Donald Trump.

Dissent reluctance to garner public support for the former president comes as Florida’s governor prepares for a possible White House bid in 2024, even if Trump runs in 2024 – creating a potential clash between the powers of the two GOP figures.

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Takahashi, Fla. – Florida Republican Gov. Ron Descent has a lot of advantages ahead of his November re-election. More than100 million in the bank. A growing statewide Republican voter advantage.Wide popularity with a conservative base.

There is no need for dissent and therefore he is not requesting the approval of President Donald Trump for the approval of Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump is thought to be using his support as a tool against the Republicans. Capitol Hill voted to impeach him after the Jan. 6 riots, including Republican Tom Rice (RS.C.).

This is why he initially lost to Trump-backed Republican Russell Fry. Although Trump supporters have the power to make or break candidates.

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As a result, this electoral cycle has diminished its impact on some races.

Desantis’ reluctance to win the former president’s public support comes as the Florida governor prepares for a possible 2024 White House bid, even if Trump arranges a possible clash between the two powerful figures in the GOP – run in 2024.

In Georgia, for example, candidates who supported and won the support of former presidential candidates failed to defeat Republican incumbents, including Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

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A Trump endorsement, however, will probably not change the status of Descentis as a Florida favorite among his Florida supporters. The poll has always shown him ahead of his Democratic rivals. In Wisconsin, Nevada’s Mock Poll, and the annual Western Conservative Summit polls, Dissentis even surpassed Trump.

Dave Abrams, the spokesman for Desantis’ re-election campaign, declined to say whether the governor sought Trump’s support.

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Christian Ziegler, vice chairman of the Florida Republican Party, said all conspiracies over whether to support Trump’s dissent were part of a “false narrative” that pitted the two Republicans against each other.

“Republicans understand what is happening and we will not be deceived,” Ziegler said in a text message. “We are not only united, but we are happy to live in a state that is run by Descentis and treats President Donald Trump as a resident.”

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